Bubbly alternatives to Prosecco for your Wedding Day

Bubbles have always been synonymous with celebration and many of us would not imagine our wedding day without a toast raised with a glass of sparkling wine.

Of course Champagne is the most prestigious choice but let’s be realistic, since recent years, because of the heavy taxes on fully sparkling wines in Ireland, only a fortunate few can include it at their wedding reception.

In many cases, prosecco frizzante (semi-sparkling) has become the popular choice for its bright, fruity, easy drinking style and is available at a fraction of the price.

However, recent reports of a shortage of Prosecco after the 2014 vintage are provoking panic among those looking for sensibly priced bubbles. With 300 million bottles produced in 2014 and 450 million in 2015, thanks to the expansion of the vineyards to satisfy the market demand, it is unlikely that we will ever really feel that prosecco is in short supply. If anything, we may just feel the prices climb slowly.

But what if this shortage turned out to be reality? Would most of us be forced to say goodbye to a glass of bubbly on our special day? Fortunately, the answer is “no” as more delicious and reasonably priced options are appearing on the market. After all, this Prosecco “crisis” might be an excellent catalyst to start shifting our curiosity towards new styles!


Which sparkling suits your taste?

Sparkling wines are divided in 3 main styles: Carbonated, Charmat method (most prosecco) and Traditional method (Champagne, Cava). The first two styles are generally semi-sparkling, very fruity, bright, youthful and attractively priced. Wines made following the traditional method are fully sparkling. They are aged before release for at least 12 months and show more depth and complexity. There are fantastic options available within each style and to suit all budgets.




Colli Piacentini DOC “Isabella”, Castelli Del Duca, frizzante 2014 – Italy (Charmat) €14.00

Delicate, aromatic wine : the perfect Aperitif




Picpoul Frisant, Blanc de Blanc, Jean-Claude Mas, 2014 – France(Charmat)

Light and elegant with citrus and pear. €16.99





Fritz Muller, Müller-Thurgau Perlwein, NV – Germany (carbonated) €17.99

Light, crisp, easy drinking with rose petals and grapefruit flavours




Cava Brut de Brut, Maria Casanovas, NV – Spain (Traditional) €22.50

Fresh apples, citrus and toast. Silky effervescence and incredible energy.




Crlouis-picamelot-cremant-bourgogne-blanc-brut-les-terroirsémant de Bourgogne, Louis Picamelot, Brut NV – France (Traditional)   €29.99

White flowers, brioche with lots of freshness.






bellavista_franciacorta_alma_cuv_e_brut_1Franciacorta “Alma”, Grande Cuvée Brut, Bellavista, NV- Italy (Traditional) €49.50

Dry, intense and creamy with flavours of acacias, honey, brioche and stone fruits.



5 Wine tips for your big day

  • Contact your local wine shop: sample the wine, enquire about discount options, negotiate a refund for unopened bottles
  • Be creative! Offer a twist on Kir Royal with a homemade cordial (Lavender, Hibiscus, Elderflower etc.)
  • Choose small, elegant glassware. Maximum 200ml volume. Pour 150ml measures. Larger glassware promotes far greater consumption.
  • Allow 1.5-2 glasses per guest for a reception
  • Make sure you keep a bottle for your 1-year anniversary!


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Thank you for reading and let’s keep on Discovering, Tasting & Sharing !


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